Vehicle Pass

Vehicle Pass


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Want to show your car or go up the hill? You will need a vehicle pass to gain entry to display with your club or access the start line of the hill.

Vehicles without a pass will be directed to the public car park.


Additional information

Which club are you displaying with

* PSCUK *, 104-Samba-LNA Club UK, 106 Owners Club, 106 Rallye Register, 108 Owners Club, 205 Drivers, 205 GTI Club de France, 205 GTI Club NL, 205 Radio 1 fm, 206 GTi 180 Owners Club, 206 Info, 206 Owners Club UK,, 207 cc Owners Club, 207 Info, 208 GTI Drivers Netherlands, 208 Owners Club, 306 Cabriolet Club, 306 GTI6, 306 Owners Club,, 308 Owners Club UK, 309 Owners Club, 405 Owners UK, 406 Coupe Club, 406 Taxi, Holland, 76PerfSwapAuto Club, Avenger & Sunbeam Owners Club, Club 306 France, Club Peugeot UK, Dimma Owners UK, French 309 Club, Modified RCZ Owners Club, Peugeot Club Belgium, Peugeot GTI Club Netherland, RCZ Owners Group, RCZ UK, Shropshire Performance Owners, SIMCA Club UK, Southdowns French Car Club, Sport, Finland, Sunbeam Lotus Owners' Club, Sunbeam Tiger Club, TRADE DISPLAY, Xtreme 206 Mania car club, Partner / Berlingo Club, Peugeot Midlands, The Taxi Rank


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All of the Committee can be reached on email

The Club can also be contacted by post to; BM PSCUK, London, WC1N 3XX