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    Membership is a bargain £20 and includes a joining pack which currently includes a PSCUK website sticker and also a PSCUK rear window sticker.

    Members receive 4 issues per year of our exclusive club magazine, "Torque" that includes occasional road tests of new Peugeot models, news from Peugeot Motor Company, Race and Rally news plus Club news, views and member's projects. As a paid Club member, we also offer the opportunity to get your car featured in our dedicated Peugeot Sport Club magazine.

    We pay a substantial but competitive fee for the issue of this quality publication but we feel that this offers our members more than just a discussion forum - more of a whole club experience in our opinion.

    *We do not make any profit from the membership fees that we charge. The Torque publication costs (in excess of £1800 per issue), Paypal/Worldpay fees and joining pack costs means that we break even on our membership fee. We are committed to not increasing this membership fee as we believe it offers good value. We are a club run by members for members and this ethos is one we will not deviate from.

    Members also benefit from:

    • Club Website at www.pscuk.net with members only area
    • Download over 700+ files of unique Peugeot information from our extensive on-line library - the biggest in the world
    • MSA membership
    • Our own National annual summer PUGFEST convention - The UK's largest gathering of Sporting Peugeots and Owners with discounted entry and paddock parking exclusivity for members
    • Club Insurance Schemes
    • Discounts on parts and labour at many Peugeot dealers and specialists
    • Discounts at various events throughout the year, including annual Curborough sprint course visits which see substantial discounts for members
    • Discounted exclusive Club merchandise (including discounted prices on re-manufactured parts - our new initiative that started in January 2013 with more parts being considered)
    • Local group meetings and events
    • TV and Magazine Features - We were recently approached by Evo magazine to provide cars for Hot Hatch shoot and have been approached by BBC and C4 for motoring shows.
    • Have a chance of getting your car on the PSCUK Classic Car Show stand at the NEC annually in November (subject to stand approval)
    • Technical support from our own well respected Peugeot Master Technician and Committee Member, Rab Elliott

    Have your say about how the club is run at our Annual General Meeting, held in October at the Peugeot UK HQ in Coventry.

    So - why not join us and help support the original Peugeot GTI Club ?


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    As a Club member, you will have access to the biggest online Peugeot only library in the world with nearly 700 files at your disposal!

    The library contains files such as:

    • Road tests for all models from 205 GTI back in 1984 up to the present day
    • All the Torque magazines from the start of the club to now (135+)
    • Dealer brochures for models
    • Rare technical manuals and fact sheets
    • Magazine features on modified cars
    • Buyer's guides

    The PSCUK often acquire such features from committee members assets that have been collected over the years or material supplied by members. As a paid-up member, you can add files too by messaging either Henry Yorke or geezerdiamond (Matt) and we can upload it.

    Alternatively, you can add your own content here too.

    So, why not join up as a full member, click on "Downloads" and start your adventure into the past!
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    The Club was founded in 1985 when it was known as the 'Peugeot 205 GTI Club'. The club was started by Peugeot UK to help owners gain maximum pleasure from their cars as part of their marketing strategy. In 1988 the organisation of the Club was handed over to a small team of enthusiastic members who are Officers of the Club. With the huge spectrum of models that Peugeot now manufacture, Club membership is open to all Peugeot owners, whether it be old or new. Although all Peugeot owners are now included but one thing that hasn’t changed is that it is a ‘club of members, for members’.

    The first major change to the club was in 1987 when the 309 GTI was introduced and the ‘205’ dropped from the name, so becoming the ‘Peugeot GTI owners club’ Then a year later in April 1988 it was announced that the club would cease to be run by Peugeot and was handed over to an organising committee. Since then the club has opened its doors to all sporting variants of the Peugeot marque that resulted in a further name change in 1995 to the Peugeot Sport Club. In 2003 the club was invited by Peugeot to change its name once again to Peugeot Sport Official Owner's Club – A major milestone for an independent club.

    In 2010 we were again asked by Peugeot to change our name to the current one, Peugeot Sport Club UK and revised our branding in addition.

    The club now has members with just about every model produced to date, with the latest influx coming from the 308 & 208 GTI and RCZ models, alongside the ‘classics’ such as the 205 GTI/CTI, 309 GTI/Goodwood and 205 1FMs to name just a few.

    Ever since its inception the club has had its own magazine called ‘Torque’ a full colour publication, issued to members four times per year and to date there have been 134 issues as at November 2015. This is just one of the many benefits that club members have, as well as a huge list of organisations that give discounts, and preferential insurance schemes along with preferred rates on many re-manufactured parts the club has arranged. During the 1990's it was recognised that the club needed a presence on the web, and the club's first website was created. This was modified and added to over the years until in 2008 it was decided to completely re-write the website to bring it right up-to-date. The current version of this site is the product of the evolution of the forum. It has been designed to be kept up-to-date and has a huge repository of documents already that are a unique source of Peugeot history since the 205, and are well worth viewing.

    The club has an active membership and large selection of local groups that get involved in trips, meets and events in the UK and abroad. They have previously organised Continental and UK road trips and have visited France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg on some great adventures. Nearer to home there have been several years of ‘Lakes Tours’ (we are sampling the Yorkshire and Lakes roads for a change in 2016) and for those who like to go a little quicker, a particular favourite is our annual attendance at Curborough sprint track in March/April every year.
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    PSCUK is much more than a website. We have real members, with real cars, and even a quarterly full colour magazine delivered to your letterbox. There are many local groups and we attend shows and meetings throughout the country. Why not join us?

    Even if you can't get to a meet near you being a full member of the club opens up extra doors within the website for all things Peugeot plus exclusive members section within the forum and discounted events and services.

    The club celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015 and we have every intention of being around for the next 30 too!

    To join The Peugeot Sport Club UK, Simply follow the link on the left. You will need to register if you haven't already

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